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Serving Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon Land Clearing

Depend on John Cobbs Trucking for flawless land clearing for all of Southern Oregon. With all the right equipment to get the job done. Whether you need brush, tree stumps, old dead vegetation and/ or blackberry bushes, John Cobbs Trucking has the experience.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing services include hauling of all unwanted debris. Call John Cobbs Trucking for a FREE estimate.

Blackberry Removal

Blackberry removal service is a sticky job, that needs special equipment. Call John Cobbs Trucking for a FREE estimate.

Abatement Services

When you need fire and noxious weed removal services. Call John Cobbs Trucking for a FREE estimate.

Hauling Services

After the problem has been removed, John Cobbs Trucking will haul it away. Every last bit of the unwanted debris will disappear so that you have a clean piece of property that is ready for the next phase.

Contact John Cobbs Trucking for Stump Removal

Call or text John Cobbs Trucking to get a FREE estimate.